The Lachlan Regional Transport Committee was formed at Gooloogong on Saturday 9th July 1983.

The then State Government had announced that all branch line country passenger trains would cease at the end of 1983 and be replaced by road coaches.

Stream Train 3237Up until then, Cowra had a twice daily rail service to Sydney and return on Mondays to Fridays plus a mid-night service connecting the main South and Western mail trains. On Saturday and Sunday Cowra only had one service to and from Sydney.

Eugowra and Grenfell had a return service from Cowra with a connecting service from Sydney Monday to Friday.

When the proposed new time table was released, Eugowra and Grenfell were not going to receive a service at all and Cowra a reduced service.

Needless to say this did not go down well with local councils and a public meeting was called for and held at Gooloogong. Hence the Lachlan Regional Transport Committee was formed taking in road, rail and air issues.

The councils of Weddin, Bland and Cabonne led the charge to reinstate services to Grenfell and Eugowra and additional services to Cowra.

The Lachlan Regional Transport Committee Inc now consists of fourteen local government councils plus individual members.

This organisation has submitted many submissions to government departments and politicians with some of them being acted upon.

The LRTC plan to adopt sub-committees to coordinate many of the activities it is involved in.