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The Lachlan Regional Transport Committee promotes information dissemination by inviting guest speakers to its meetings, participating in joint functions like the 2013 Regional Rail Revival Seminar held at Blayney in conjunction with Charles Sturt University and conferences where relevant issues are discussed - see for example a paper at the Sustainable Economic Growth for Regional Australia conference in Bathurst in 2015. From time to time we place material discussed at meetings on this page.

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Latest Developments:

Issues discussed during 2017 include:

The Melbourne-Brisbane Inland Railway – see the Australian Rail Track Corporation web site.

The cost of road damage from heavy vehicles particularly following the 2016 floods and amid concern regarding overloading. For information about road damage costs, see 'The Effects of Overloading on Road Assets' by the Mid North Weight of Loads Group of councils, NSW.

Federal funding for local roads has been renewed in the 2017 budget – see ‘Making our Roads Safer’ on the Federal infrastructure minister’s website.

Other matters of ongoing interest include:

LRTC has noted the NSW Government’s intention to replace the aged regional passenger train (XPT) fleet – see item 4.6 on page 4-4 of the NSW Government’s 2017-18 Infrastructure Plan.

Road safety – for recent statistics see the NSW Centre for Road Safety website.

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Impact On Community:

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Impact On Community:

Through informed discussion and debate at LRTC meetings and other venues, the community can disseminate information and promote solutions to regional transport problems.

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Suggested Community Actions:

People may wish to make others aware of the regional transport issues currently being debated.

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Date Published: Sunday, 16 July 2017 9:13 AM

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