CENTURION Update Report


Up Date Report from The Centurion Group on the Maldon - Dombarton Line

The consultation phase of the project continues and we have received ongoing support from key stakeholders including Port Kembla  and the councils of Western Sydney and the MacArthur region  as well as business chambers and councils.

We have also received some very positive press most significantly in the Wall Street Journal which I will forward to you to share with the members of the committee.

As outlined when we met this project is not just restricted to the Maldon Dumbarton rail line it has a much broader influence on rail and road transport throughout the region as well as addressing housing stock issues with a particular emphasis on housing affordability which obviously is important for the state government of NSW.

As you would be aware China has just had its long New Year celebration holidays so I have little to update you on Chinese partners other than to say they continue to be  supportive of the whole project particularly with the global political events that have occurred in  America.

Patrick and I expect to be travelling to China within the month to make a full presentation to the board of China rail and establish a project plan for going forward in this year.